Entrepreneurs and new venture managers from industry can enroll in the executive certificate program and earn a Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship from Lehigh University's College of Business & Economics. A different VENTURESeries course is offered each month, and to provide maximum flexibility, you are always guaranteed a seat.

Completing any 8 VENTURESeries courses from among all the courses offered qualifies you for the certificate. You can enter the program at any time, and there is no deadline for completion.

Class sizes are small, and we are highly selective in who we admit. Certain entrance requirements, including a face-to-face interview, must be satisfied for admission to the VENTURESeries certificate program.

The certificate is "diploma size," and is awarded by Lehigh University's College of Business & Economics. Click here to view.


VENTURESeries speaks to the art and science of building new enterprises. We are about discovery and innovation. Click here to see what makes us different.
  Learn more about what has made VENTURESeries an entrepreneurial powerhouse inside Lehigh's nationally acclaimed MBA program.